A multidisciplinary designer and researcher for social innovation

Working as a team is essential in graphic design, as it encompasses more than just combining text and images or creating logos. My personal approach is to work collaboratively, fostering feedback through horizontal dynamics.

Here, part of what I do

Research strategies and methodologies

Design services


Creative process

Design thinking tools with a social innovation approach

This approach allows to adapt the process to the specific needs of each project, taking into account the contexts and also the circumstances of the people involved. In this way, is easier to identify the most appropriate and sustainable alternatives to develop.

Avoiding the hard and fast rules of any single method

It's important to understand the underlying approaches of each method and use that understanding to adapt the process to the identified needs.

This combination of creativity, empathy and context analysis that supports these flexible, adaptable and caring processes.

Creative teams

I focus on areas where I can make a greater impact, therefore, depending on the project, I actively contribute to or lead teams in supporting the development of key elements.

Listening, researching and working horizontally
in order to make aligned creative decisions

By gathering relevant information, informed and empathetic decisions that accurately reflect the project's goals and place the context and communities at the centre, emerge almost organically. My approach focuses on gaining understanding and identifying connecting ideas, not just providing proof.

Meaningful connections

Design adds value by identifying and showcasing the meaningful connections that already exist between communities and contexts. I rely on research, active listening, and horizontal work as means to contribute to strengthening that bond. Besides, a great consequence is the opportunity to build relationships with the people I collaborate with :)

About me

Testimonials and mentions

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